Peter is the founder of Heart and Soul Coaching. He lives on a beautiful country property in Northern NSW.

Peter is a professional social worker with 29 years experience.

“My two key interests are how do you learn, grow, and build excellence, and secondly, in the midst of the pressures and demands of work and life, how do you care for yourself. Both of these are about growing in yourself and opening up greater possibilities.”

Heart and Soul Coaching is Peter’s private practice. His full time job is as a student counsellor at TAFE. In 2016 he was awarded TAFE Brisbane employee of the year and received a ‘Honourable Mention’ in the Queensland wide awards.

His previous experience includes many years of counselling, training, mentoring and supervision, and writing. Along with his Social Work degree, he has a Certificate IV in Workplace training and assessment, and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management.   Over the years, he’s coordinated volunteers at a Lifeline centre (for 15 years!), worked in Queensland Health, and been in private practice full time working training people in business in the area of stress and well-being. Forming good working partnerships is key to his effectiveness.

“How you are in yourself, your humanness, your clarity, your depth, your ability to respond from your strengths, are all central to your work. It provides the gold in what you do, and is the basis for meeting the challenges that are inevitably there.”