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In a world that can wear you down, discover how to increase your happiness, wellbeing and inner reserves so you can be at your best.

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 What you’ll find inside

Lesson 1     Getting Clear
The components that contribute to wellbeing, becoming clear about what wellbeing means to you, and 7 important things to know about wellbeing

Lesson 2     How to build wellbeing
The ins and out of using heartfelt positive moments to increase wellbeing 

Lesson 3     The benefits of wellbeing
Understanding how wellbeing makes a significant difference to your life.

Lesson 4     Stress
How stress effects us, tips on responding to stress and key signals that you can use to pick up what’s happening before stress takes a hold. 

Lesson 5     Nourish and Replenish
Information and strategies to help keep the batteries charged. 

Lesson 6     Live it!
Going out and living a full and rich life.

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