Personal Coaching and Guidance

To live life well you need somewhere to work things out. Somewhere that is safe and holds the space so you can replenish, explore, heal, and build your capacity.

We love to help people in their journey to being stronger clearer, and better in themselves. It’s our passion and purpose. 

The Personal Coaching Program is about supporting, encouraging, and guiding you

  • To live the best life you can
  • Through the stuff that’s stressful and challenging
  • To live with purpose, authenticity and joy

Sessions focus on your specific issue.

You might like to include as part of your session the ‘Thrivability’ course which covers how to nourish, replenish and put fuel in your tank, techniques to manage stressful situations, discovering and operating from your sweet spot, how to stay more centred, how to develop greater self compassion and personal responsiveness, and how to build your sense of self so you are clearer and stronger in yourself. 

Read what people say……

There are three appointment options

Individual Appointments 
$160hr Skype, phone and local discount

Series of 3 Appointments
$160hr x 3
$150hr x3 Skype, phone and local discount

To organize your appointment and for enquiries

All programs have a 100% money back guaruntee